Durable & affordable products with an exotic and worldly twist.

What's in it for YOU?

We have one main goal: To make our world a little happier by providing YOU with beautiful, special products. Our job is to search and research, and search a little more.. And then to pick the highest quality, most wanted, life improving, world changing (ok, now we're sidetracking a bit) products for you, while at the same time keeping them affordable.


Your problem: You are tired of the same same (but not different) in regular stores.
Our solution: Our manufacturers are located worldwide and we all work together as an openminded team to find you some unique pieces. 

Your problem:  You're giving your beloved ones similar gifts every year and you're out of your mind, going crazy and completely motivated to find them this one perfect gift this year!
Our solution: Our products are diverse, suitable for a wide audience and mostly in an excellent gifts price range.

Your problem: Exhaustion of dealing with the sh*tty customer services, extra fees and/or full-of-hassle refund policies.
Our solution: To us, it's as easy as pie. Friendly support team: Check. Extra fees or delivery costs? NEVER. Refund policy? Not 100% happy = 100% refund.


Behind the Scenes

For us, only one major thing exists in life: TRAVEL. So a looong time ago we set off to explore the world. During our journeys, wandering all over the place, we found plenty of awesome products. I Travel GoodZ is a place where they all come together.

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Our first priorities are your happiness and satisfaction, so please don't hesitate to just drop us a message.