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Bamboo Tea Cup
Two Bamboo Tea Cups
Three Bamboo Tea Cups
Bamboo Tea Cup Bottom
Bamboo Tea Cups - Close up top
Bamboo Tea Cups - Measurements
Bamboo Tea Cup
Bamboo Tea Cup

Bamboo Tea Cup

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Now, the description may say 'tea cup', but whatever you're planning on drinking: These 100% natural bamboo cups are there for you.

Bamboo is stronger than steel (dare to drop it and see if it breaks!) and super eco-friendly (it grows faster than wood & can be harvested much quicker) and it has a beautiful, light, natural look. 

FUN FACT: In Asia, some liquor manufacturers are using bamboo barrels instead of oak to soak their spirits. Bamboo sap is considered to be a traditional medicine & it also absorbs some of the alcohol content - which you may view either as benefit or a defect.

So, bamboo can even help with flavor and improve health!

* Please allows these natural beauties 2 - 3 weeks to be crafted and delivered.

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