Flamingo Pillow Cases - 3 styles
Flamingo Pillow Case - Type A
Flamingo Pillow Case - Type F
Flamingo Pillow Case - Type D

Flamingo Pillow Case

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What's not to love about flamingo's?

These 18 x 18 inch (45 x 45 cm) pillow cases feel happiest on beds and sofas, and make for a perfect addition to your interior design. They are made of linen (did you know linen is known to be one of the world's strongest natural fibers?!). Even though they're super durable, their elegance and silky softness don't get lost. 

The pillow cases comes in 3 styles. My fave: The cocktail sipping one ;) What's yours?

Note: The inside pillows are not included. 

* Estimated Delivery Time: 2 - 4 weeks

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